Bridgeport Repairs

Many mechanical problems were discovered during this 18 month ordeal.

The most significant repair was the quill and quill housing.

I realized the quill was getting jammed during Z axis servo drive tuning.  Turns out the damage started years before I bought it. The Bijur oil metering valve lubricating the quill was plugged along with almost every other one on the machine.

quill 1


quill 3

quill 4

I had Chinook Industrial do the repair.

First the chrome was removed and the damaged areas dressed to take new chrome.

quill 6

It spent 32 hours in the chrome tank and then od ground back to size.

quill 7

quill 8

The only visible damage post repair

quill 9

I then lapped the quill housing many times until I could just re insert the lubricated quill with light blows from a dead blow hammer.




Next was the Bijur automatic oiling system.  All new metering valves, some lines and rebuild kit for the pump.



The X axis ballscrew was making some noise so it was removed at the same time.  Disassembled, cleaned and re assembled.


ballscrew 1

ballscrew 2

ballscrew 3